Translink rides on social networks to reach customers

Hey friends, today I would like to take you on a ride with Translink again; one last time. In my earlier posts I talked about the presence of Translink on social media where we discovered about their twitter strategies and wiki strategies and made some suggestions also on the same. While researching on the their […]

Wiki Benefits to Organisations

Ability to modify a webpage without actually owning it…sounds interesting, right? Well, I am talking about Wikis, it’s an exciting concept for nontechnical users like me. In this week’s blog post I’ll discuss about the Wiki, how it helps organisations and finally how my case organisation i.e. Translink can benefit from it. What is Wiki […]

Micro-Blogging by Translink

Hey all..welcome to my this week’s post. This week I’ll take you on a trip to Micro-blogging via Translink. Puzzled?? Well, I mean I am going to tell you about the micro-blogging strategies used by our very own public transport organisation Translink. About Translink As mentioned on the official Translink website: “We coordinate and deliver […]

Airports flying high on Social Media

Airports, though late in adopting but have finally realized the immense potential  social media has in store for them. Like many businesses, airports are embracing social media as new, valuable tools in their marketing, communications and customer service toolkits. Whether it’s a Facebook page touting the latest fare sales of tenant airlines or a Twitter feed […]

Quantifying social Media in terms of ROI

Social Media has numerous benefits which we all are familiar with but still it holds a challenge for the organizations which is to measure the return on investments or ROI of social media. As pointed out by Walter Carl, chief research officer at research company ChatThreads- “Measuring likes and followers is “quantitative fiction”, the reality […]

Social Media and the Legal Monster

Half of the semester already gone, by now we all know what is enterprise 2.0 and the numerous benefits it presents to the users, customers, organizations, governments, etc. Last week we saw interesting case studies on benefits and risks of social media to the organizations. This week the focus is on the legal risks. Today, […]

How Enterprise 2.0 can enhance learning and collaboration at workplace: Case Study on British Telecom

British telecom is one of the largest telecommunications services companies in the world and has operations in over 170 countries with 89,000 employees. BT sees its fundamental aim as using the power of communications to build better businesses and a better world. “Just think about it,” explained Jeff Patmore, head of strategic university research at […]